A Guide to Oushak Carpets

Oushak carpets

Oushak carpets are a type of Turkish rug that can look amazing in your home. These carpets are also known as Ushak carpets, which are named after the town of Uşak, Turkey. You can find many different styles of Oushak carpets and find the perfect one for your space. Continue reading to learn more about these carpets and where they came from. You will find some useful tips that will help you make your decision easier.


These Persian rugs are made from the wool of the Caspian Sea. Their colors range from red, yellow, light blue, and dark blue. The carpets are considered traditional and elegant. They have an ancient beauty and represent the rich culture and history of Turkey. They are an excellent choice for any room. You can even get them in a variety of sizes, including runner-sized rugs.

Color palette

The classic, traditional look of Oushak carpets is often used to create a transitional decor style. Made in various sizes and colors, these handmade carpets are typically composed of muted earth tones and geometric motives. The colors are soft and classic, and the handmade art blends ancient traditions with modernism. As a result, these rugs retain their natural colors longer than other types of carpets.


The Oushak carpet was originally woven by nomadic tribes of Eastern Anatolia and Persia. Eventually, the Seljuk Turks brought the weaving art to Persia and established workshops near Damascus, Syria. There was no single master weaver in this region; instead, a group of weavers teamed up and made the same pattern. The larger pieces were then sold in other cities.


The Oushak carpet is considered a masterpiece of European art since the sixteenth century. The rugs from Ottoman Turkey appeared in still life paintings of prominent European personalities. Until the 18th century, these carpets were in fashion, carrying unabated designs and royal tones. They continued to grace European interiors throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. During their long history, these carpets have undergone several changes, but their basic style remains largely unchanged.


Symbolic and beautiful, Oushak carpets feature a wide variety of motifs. The central motif is a bird or dragon, which is often depicted as part of a bouquet of flowers. The bird and dragon symbolize the eternal life and the continuity of the soul. The dragon is a symbol of a dragon guarding the tree of life. These motifs are also common in Turkish carpets.