Does CBum Take Steroids?

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Chris Bumstead, also known as Cbum, is one of the most popular bodybuilders in the sport. He has won the Men’s Classic Physique title and is very popular on social media. He has a lot of fans that are curious about whether or not he takes steroids. Since he is a professional bodybuilder, he is required to follow the world anti doping code. This means that he must take drug tests when he competes and this is something that can be very difficult to hide. This has led some to think that he must be taking steroids.

The IFBB does not officially ban steroids but many professional bodybuilders do use them. They do so because they provide a competitive advantage and make a lot of money from the sport. Using anabolic steroids can help a bodybuilder achieve their goals faster and more effectively. It can also allow them to maintain their physiques longer. It is very hard to do without using steroids and it is not impossible but it takes a lot of work to do so naturally.

CBum is not someone who has spoken publicly about steroid Does CBum take steroids? use but he has been open with his fans and followers. He has even released YouTube videos in which he talks about his training and supplements. In these videos, he has discussed the importance of bloodwork and how he uses supplements to help with his training.

In one of his videos, he mentions that he takes supplements to help him train hard and gain muscle mass. He also mentioned that he uses anabolic steroids to help him train harder and gain more mass. He did not specify what type of steroids he takes but he said that he used a variety of different drugs to get the results he wants.

He has also talked about how important it is to track your progress and stay healthy. He has stated that he tracks his bloodwork and supplementation to help him stay on track with his goals. He has even warned his viewers to be careful when it comes to using steroids because there are some that can cause life-long damage.

Another thing that has led people to believe that CBum is using steroids is his jaw-dropping shoulders. He has a very large pair of shoulders and they look almost 3D-like. This is something that you can’t really do without the use of steroids and it is very unlikely that he would have these massive shoulders naturally. He also weighs a lot and has very little body fat which is a sign of steroid use. He also has very thick and full eyebrows which is another thing that can happen with the use of steroids. Lastly, he has very flushed skin which is another thing that is often a sign of steroid use.