Eyebrow Microblading – Before, During, and After

There are many advantages to getting your eyebrows reshaped with eyebrow microblading. These cosmetic procedures have become increasingly popular over the past few years. But what is the process like? How much does it cost? Will it hurt? And what are the aftercare instructions? Find out in this article! Here are some important things to know before undergoing this procedure. Read on for more information! Now, let’s move on to the costs and aftercare of the procedure.


Many women want their eyebrows to look more defined and full, but the cost of a procedure like eyebrow microblading may not be affordable. While you can apply for eyebrow tattoos at any salon, this procedure is more expensive than brow products and can take several hours to complete. Although cosmetic procedures are generally covered by insurance, the cost of eyebrow microblading is typically higher than the cost of eyebrow tattoos. In addition, the cost of eyebrow tattoos may not be covered by insurance because of the time and money involved. Fortunately, there are financing options like CareCredit, which offer low interest rates.


Immediately following an eyebrow microblading procedure, you should take measures to minimize swelling and redness. The eyebrows may still appear slightly darker than before. However, this should gradually fade. After six weeks, the pigment should be less noticeable than before. In some cases, the eyebrows may even resemble dandruff. If the pigment isn’t fading as expected, you may be required to have a touch-up procedure.


A day after undergoing a microblading in la procedure, you may experience pain, swelling, and redness. You should not bathe, shower, or use hair products for a week. The skin around your brow area may feel like it has been burned or sun-kissed. You should avoid taking blood thinners and aspirin. You should also avoid sun-bathing for one week. Usually, discomfort is minimal.


When you have eyebrow microblading, you can expect to have bolder and fuller eyebrows for two to four weeks. However, the pigmentation will be darker than expected at first and will begin to fade in about seven to fourteen days. Afterward, the tattooed area will require touch-ups every six to eight weeks. You should be aware of the potential for scabbing after your procedure, but this is completely normal. In order to keep the area clean and protected, avoid touching the brow area for two to four weeks after the initial procedure.

Aftercare after eyebrow microblading

To protect the new brows, you must follow the aftercare instructions. You should not touch the new brows for the first five days. It is important to avoid touching them as this will ruin the microblading results. You should also avoid using any type of makeup on the newly enhanced brows. You can use an antibacterial soap and gentle cotton pads to clean them. You should also avoid picking or scratching the newly enhanced brows because this may cause premature scab removal and fading.