Hiring Piano Movers

Pianos are very heavy and large instruments that often require special lifting equipment, transporting devices, pads, covers and straps to ensure their safety during transportation. Even a small mistake can cause damage and could lead to the loss of your valuable instrument, so it is important that you hire professional movers to help you with the process.

A piano mover can take care of all the steps involved in transporting a piano, from disassembly to wrapping and securing. Moreover, they are trained and licensed to perform the task safely.

How much does it cost to hire a professional piano mover?

If you are planning to move your piano, it’s a good idea to speak with multiple moving companies in order to get quotes. Ideally, you should hire a company that provides a flat rate for the job. This way, you can budget for the moving process up front.

The type of piano you are moving piano movers will also influence the price. For example, an upright piano will be easier to move than a grand or baby grand piano. Similarly, a curved or oversized piano may need more specialized equipment to move than a round or rectangular one.

When hiring a moving company, it is essential to ask questions and communicate what obstacles will be in your path between your current location and your new home. This will help you avoid surprise charges for stairs, narrow doorways, and other difficult challenges that movers may encounter during the move.

What to look for in a piano moving company

A professional moving company should be experienced, bonded, and insured. It should also provide a comprehensive quote based on the type and size of your piano, distance between homes, and other factors.

You should also ask about any additional services they offer. Some movers may charge for packing, and some will have storage-in-transit or long-term storage options.

How long has the company been in business?

A reputable piano mover will be well-established, with a long history of successful moves and satisfied clients. It will have a staff of experienced professionals, as well as a full range of moving equipment and tools.

Lastly, a good piano moving company will be equipped with climate-controlled moving trucks to protect your valuable musical instrument during the transport. Many of these moving trucks are equipped with padding to prevent dents and scratches during transit, which helps keep your instrument safe from unforeseen road hazards.

How to select the right company for your piano move

If you want to hire a reliable piano moving service, it is a good idea to use a nationwide mover that offers a wide variety of services. These companies typically partner with a network of providers, allowing them to meet your needs without having to go through several different providers.

For example, Allied offers a range of services for both local and cross-country moves. Its website includes a virtual survey tool that will give you a more accurate quote. Its rates are based on shipment weight and mileage, and it also offers a number of specialty services, including pet relocation and short- and long-term storage.