How to Enable Activity Map Across Report Suites

Activity Map enables marketers and business users to explore visitors’ interactions, traffic, conversion, and pathing in real time to improve website and digital property performance.

It helps to put big data into context for non-technical marketers and business users, providing visual representations of page elements on websites and digital properties. Marketers and business users can see how visitors interact with individual page elements in real-time, and use that information to optimise their content and messaging.

Activity Map provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that overlays important information directly on a webpage or digital property. This gives marketers, business users, and analysts a quick way to identify which elements are performing well–or not–and respond immediately to drive performance and reduce visitor loss.

To enable ActivityMap across your report suite, users need to have Adobe Experience Cloud administrator level access to Adobe Analytics. The user should then navigate to Admin > Report suites and click on the Activity Map reporting tab.

Once enabled, Activity Map cannot be disabled. Moreover, it must be activated on a report suite level and can only be implemented by users that have access to the Activity Map Reporting tab in the Adobe Analytics UI.

The browser plugin can be debugged using the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger plugin, which provides an easy to understand interface to test and validate that the plugin is sending and receiving link tracking data on your website. In addition, it can also help to identify and resolve any issues that might be impacting the tracking data captured by Activity Map.

This plugin is available as a Chrome Web Developer extension and can be used to check that Activity Map is passing link tracking data from the website. To do this, simply click on the element or link on the page that you suspect is being tracked by Activity Map.

If it is, then the plugin will provide you with a list of the Adobe Analytics network requests that are firing off as you navigate around the page that contains the element. The plugin can also show you the contents of these network requests.

You can then create filters that will allow you to quickly and easily examine traffic originating from multiple devices in a single map. You can add up to five steps and configure the filters to include or exclude devices from each step.

The plugin can be installed on a single computer or a network of computers, and allows you to view the link tracking data that is being collected by Activity Map across your entire website. It can be configured to filter by device type or by the time of day that the activity is being measured.

It is also possible to configure the plugin to track a specific set of links or to display a particular type of activity on your Activity Map dashboard. The options are limited, but useful, and can be a good starting point for testing if your site is receiving the link tracking data that Activity Map should be collecting.