Protect Your Speed Shop With an Independent Agent

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In order to obtain a comprehensive policy, a speed shop owner should consult an independent insurance agent. An independent agent will help you evaluate coverage options, get multiple quotes, and explain all your options. This professional service will help you save time and energy searching for speed shop insurance, and they are there when you need them most. In addition, an independent agent will provide assistance during a claim. Let them be your advocate during the claim process. You’ll be glad you found an independent agent to help you protect your business.

Kevin VanValkenburgh

When you visit Kevin VanValkenburgh’s speed shops, you’ll get a feel for the unique atmosphere that they provide. While the shop may be small, it has six employees and is well known for its excellent customer service. The owners have a passion for customer satisfaction and go above and beyond to make sure that their customers are happy. They even have an email address and a LinkedIn profile.

The Little Speed Shop

The story of The Little Speed Shop began with speed shop a small shop owned by Kevin and Jillian. It quickly became a thriving business, and the couple recently married. While Kevin held down a day job as a tech at a nearby restaurant, he worked long hours at the speed shop during the week. He worked there for eight months straight, sometimes up until midnight! This commitment to customers clearly showed in his business philosophy, which is reflected in his customer service.

BlackJack Speed Shop

BlackJack Speed Shop is a one-stop shop for performance car parts and accessories. In addition to wheels and tires, the company also specializes in performance upgrades, including lowering and lift kits. Tim Duncan opened the shop on Dec. 5 after talking publicly about his desire to start a business involving cars. The San Antonio market has been largely untapped when it comes to high-end car modifications, so he decided to open his own.

Garagekeepers liability insurance

Having garagekeepers liability insurance is important if you own an auto repair shop. The policy covers customers’ cars while they’re in your shop, and it pays legal fees if a customer sues you. This type of insurance is also ideal for companies that repair, service, or store cars. Depending on your industry, this type of policy can cover everything from medical bills to damages from a crash.

Workers’ compensation insurance

While you might be excited to have your own speed shop, it is important to remember that this business can be a dangerous one. While there is a lot of excitement in speeding through the shop, employees can also become injured on the job, whether by falling vehicles or machinery. Once injured, a worker may not be able to work until they are fully recovered. That’s where workers’ compensation insurance comes in. This type of coverage protects employers from lawsuits from injured workers.

Cost of speed shop insurance

The cost of speed shop insurance depends on many factors, including the amount of business property and the number of employees. The type of services provided and the location of a speed shop also affect the cost of insurance. A speed shop should have workers’ compensation insurance to cover any injuries or medical expenses an employee might sustain on the job. This insurance also protects the company from lawsuits from injured employees. Here’s how to determine what kind of coverage you need.