Taking Real Estate Continuing Education Online

Real estate continuing education is necessary for licensed real estate professionals to maintain their license. Continuing education includes courses that are a minimum of 14 hours. These courses include ethics and core law. Real estate brokers and sales associates must also complete 8 hours of specialization credits. Continuing education requirements can also be completed by completing online courses.

22.5-hour course

If you plan to renew your real estate license after September 21, 2022, you will need to complete a 22.5-hour real estate continuing education course. In addition to covering the state’s required law of agency requirements, the course should also include at least two hours on cultural competency and implicit bias. However, you are not required to complete two separate courses if your license expires prior to that date.

A 22.5-hour real estate continuing education course should include 2.5 hours on the topic of ethical business practices and 1 hour on current legal matters. The course should also cover recent issues that may impact real estate brokers and salespersons, such as fair housing and discrimination in the sale of real estate.

14-hour course

Continuing education is essential for real estate professionals who are trying to stay in the loop and stay up to date on state regulations. Continuing education courses must be approved by the Florida Real Estate Commission and must be taken by real estate brokers and agents. Course topics may include the Florida Core Law, business ethics, fair housing, homeowners’ insurance, and real estate economics and valuations. You’ll also learn about Florida sales contracts and analysis of capital gains and losses.

Courses are offered through online learning platforms. These online courses are designed to be timed, with Realtor continuing education each unit requiring approximately 22.5 hours of online study. The courses also feature short exams, and students must earn a minimum grade of 80% to pass. Some courses have multiple attempts at a unit exam, so make sure you’re completing them in a timely manner.

Online course

When you want to take a real estate continuing education online course, there are several options. You can choose between video courses and self-paced text-based courses. Some providers offer demos of the course content before you commit to buying it. Some offer support services to assist you. Some allow you to pause the course when you need a break or want to review information. The CE Shop offers a variety of packages and offers affordable rates for multiple states.

In New York, real estate professionals are required to take at least two courses per year. The courses must be at least two hours long and be approved by the New York Real Estate Division. Depending on the state, some courses can be completed online.

Timed course

When you take a timed real estate continuing education course, you’re ensuring that you’re getting the most out of your time. Online education providers are required by New York’s Real Estate Commission to use a timed system to make sure that course participants spend at least 50 minutes per credit hour on each unit. That’s 150 minutes for a three-hour course. After fifteen minutes of inactivity, the timer mechanism will shut off and you’ll need to re-enter the course and start again. Unlike traditional classroom learning, there is no final exam, which makes it easy to keep up with the requirements of continuing education.

Continuing education is essential for real estate professionals. In New York, you’re required to take at least two courses every two years. You’ll need to take at least two courses a year for your license to remain active. For a real estate continuing education course to count toward your CE requirements, you’ll need to complete at least two modules.