TechRadar provides technology news, gadget reviews, and how-to guides

Founded in 2007, TechRadar is an online publication that covers technology news. It is owned by Future plc, the sixth largest publisher in the United Kingdom. Its editorial team is based in the UK, Australia, and the US. It offers news and reviews on technology products.

TechRadar provides technology news, gadget reviews, and how-to guides. It also publishes consumer review data and B2B Intent Data. The site has an affiliate program with Amazon, Walmart, and GameStop, and also has its own ecommerce software. TechRadar is also part of a community called DZone, which allows users to interact with others in the technology field. The site is built using open source components. TechRadar has been licensed to operate in several countries.

TechRadar offers an interactive Technology Radar that describes current and future technology trends. The user can filter the list by category, dimension, or score. This allows the site to more easily identify the risk of technology, and also help teams choose the best tools for their current projects. It also helps teams audit their portfolios and identify blind spots. The site also provides a video that pops up and explains how to use the tool. It also allows the user to change the color and layout of the page. The site also has a settings menu, where users can select filters.

In addition to the Technology Radar, TechRadar has also created two spinoff websites. One is a platform where users can search for available platforms, and the other is a phone comparison service. These sites are part of the company’s ecommerce diversification strategy. The this article company’s CEO, Tim Goss, has stated that he aims to have one third of its sales come from e-commerce.

The Platforms page allows users to search for available technologies and explore funding opportunities. The site also has a form that invites users to add new content. Users can also change the colour of the page and filter by dimensions. The site also pops up a video that can be removed. The site’s user experience is not particularly good.

TechRadar’s editorial team includes experts in various fields. It has been based in the United Kingdom for many years, but it has recently expanded to the US and Australia. As of 2013, TechRadar was the largest consumer technology news site in the UK. It has also recently launched a site in India. In Q4 of 2017, it entered the top 100 of Similarweb’s US Media Publications Rankings.

The site has also recently launched a phone comparison service. This service allows users to compare prices and offers for various phones. TechRadar uses a database of over 250 million products, and prices are updated three times a day. TechRadar has also been involved in selling 1.5 million products through Hawk. The site provides easy-to-follow how-to guides, and provides comprehensive reviews.

TechRadar has been a big part of the company’s e-commerce diversification strategy. Gawker Media has been experimenting with affiliate links. The site is a good place to find useful information, but it’s hard to tell if they’re genuine.