The Power of Warrior Women

Warrior Women is a series of stories about the courageous and fearless women throughout history who fought for their communities, often at great personal cost. These Warrior Women pushed the boundaries of gender roles and challenged the notion that men are better suited for combat. They were leaders, mothers, and wives who forged their own path in the face of a patriarchal society. They paved the way for other women to follow in their footsteps. While it is easy to dismiss these women as “warriors because they shed blood and died in war,” their sacrifice is more than just another example of male-dominated violence. It is a reminder that women are just as capable of leading and fighting as men, but we need to acknowledge their unique contribution and how they have changed the world for us today.

Women who are warriors have a deep internal strength that is manifested in the confidence she exhibits on the outside. When she has a goal in mind, she will not let anything stand in her way and is unafraid to take on a challenge head-on. Her tenacity allows her to persevere when others would give up and push herself to the limit. She believes in herself and knows that she can accomplish any task when her will is aligned with spirit.

Despite their strength, these women are not without their flaws. Many have a tendency to use harsh words and can be quick to anger. However, their strength also enables them to speak up for what they believe in even when those around them are afraid or unwilling to listen. They understand that their voice has power and they will not allow themselves to be silenced.

Some of the most famous warrior women are documented in historical accounts, but there are countless others that have shaped and molded their communities in subtle ways. These include Nonhelema, a Shawnee chieftess who negotiated with American settlers on the frontier in Ohio; Running Eagle, a Blackfoot (Piegan) warrior who killed the white settler who had murdered her husband; and Colestah, the wife of Yakama leader Kamiakin, who fought alongside her husband at the Battle of Spokane Plains in Washington.

In the modern day, warrior women are still fighting for their beliefs. The 2020 film Promising Young Woman, for example, features a young woman railing against deadly sexual inequity. Whether or not they resort to active violence, these women warriors are determined to make a difference and change the narrative about women and violence. They know that it will not be easy and are willing to take a risk for the greater good of all. Their courage is a testament to the strength of the human soul.