What is condenser unit?

The weather has become particularly hot, heatwaves have already become frequent. To avoid a drop in temperatures and ensure thermal comfort throughout the year, install an air conditioner in your home. This will cool the air much more effectively than a fan, which can only reduce the air to cool during periods of heat. However, your choice of air conditioner could be closely linked to the specific needs of the building to be air conditioned (apartment or individual house, monobloc or monosplit), as well as the configuration and volume to be air conditioned and the exposure of the residence.

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Air conditioning is a system that cools and dehumidifies indoor air to create a more comfortable environment, especially during hot weather. It works by removing heat from indoor air and transferring it outside, thereby lowering the temperature indoors.

Here’s a basic overview of how air conditioning works:

Evaporation or Refrigeration: Air conditioners can operate through two main mechanisms: evaporation or refrigeration. Most modern air conditioners use the refrigeration cycle.

Refrigeration Cycle: In the refrigeration cycle, the air conditioner uses a refrigerant, a substance that can change between liquid and gas states at relatively low temperatures, to absorb and release heat.

Compression: The refrigerant is compressed into a high-pressure, hot gas by the compressor. This process increases the temperature of the refrigerant.

Condensation: The hot, high-pressure gas then flows through the condenser coils located outside the building. As it loses heat to the outside air, the refrigerant condenses into a high-pressure liquid.

Expansion Valve: The high-pressure liquid refrigerant then moves through an expansion valve or capillary tube, which reduces its pressure and temperature as it enters the evaporator coils inside the building.