Wicker Park Psychics

Therese Murphy is a psychic entertainer who performs for corporate events and private parties. She has performed all over the world, offering personalized, intuitive tarot card readings that provide valuable insights into relationships, careers and future plans.

Her individualized approach makes her a favorite among Fortune 500 companies, who invite her to entertain and inspire their employees, VIP guests and clients at company awards banquets, conventions, sales meetings and high-end private affairs.

She’s also an expert in tarot card and angel Wicker Park psychics oracle readings. She can help people understand their challenges in life and how to move forward, and she offers positive affirmations and coaching during the readings to empower her clients.

Murphy, who has over 20 years of experience in her field, combines her unique talents to bring a new level of entertainment that is both fun and engaging for everyone at the event. She offers both individual tarot and oracle readings as well as group psychic mediumship and intuitive workshops for large groups of people.

Many people see a psychic as the last chance to find answers to their most pressing questions before making major decisions. Others seek out a spiritual advisor to help them heal from trauma or guide them through life transitions, such as divorce, the death of a loved one or starting a new business. Psychics say that a combination of broad economic uncertainty, global unrest and faltering faith in institutions has led to a mini-surge in business. They have scrambled to meet demand by adding tele-readings, opening satellite locations in co-working spaces and expanding their hours.

The flexibility of the profession draws career changers. Carolyn Miller, who owns the Astrology Boutique in Skokie, the Gold Coast and Wicker Park, compares her work to that of a life coach. She said she aims to help her clients find balance in their lives, but acknowledges that she is not a therapist and has referred many of her clients to outside counselors.

She works out of a shared Lakeview office and prefers not to describe her environment as a witchy or woo-woo space. Pappas offers in-person and remote mediumship sessions with both humans and animals ($300-700) as well as sound healing, in which she uses tuning forks, a tank drum tuned to the “healing frequency” of 432 megahertz and a flute she plays classically ($75-245).

She has a strong following of regulars and gets booked for corporate events and private parties year round. She’s also available to travel for larger events.