Yonkers Attorneys Can Help You in a Variety of Legal Matters

Yonkers Attorneys can help you in a variety of legal matters. This includes construction injury, dog bites, and employment discrimination, among other things. These attorneys are experienced in the field and can provide you with the legal counsel you need to protect your rights. Read on to learn more about the services they offer.

Construction injury

A Yonkers construction injury lawyer can help you recover the full amount of compensation you deserve. Work-related accidents can be emotionally and financially devastating. Injuries can prevent you from returning to work and fully enjoying your life. Yonkers construction injury attorneys can help you understand your rights and determine if you have a case.

If you’ve been injured while working at a construction site, it’s crucial that you contact a Yonkers construction injury attorney as soon as possible. These lawyers can help you settle your case with the insurance company or go to trial to make sure you receive the maximum compensation possible.

Employment discrimination

If you feel that you have been discriminated against in your job or the workplace, an attorney in Yonkers, New York can help. Under the New York State Human Rights Law, employers are prohibited from discriminating against employees based on their race, color, creed, age, disability, or pregnancy. This Yonkers Attorneys law also protects employees from sexual harassment in the workplace.

Yonkers Employment Lawyers at Castronovo & McKinney have extensive experience handling cases throughout New York. They handle cases involving discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, unpaid wages, and employment agreements. These lawyers have the knowledge, experience, and reputation to fight for your rights in the workplace.

Federal criminal law

Federal criminal law is a complex area of the law and hiring an experienced Yonkers criminal defense attorney is essential if you have been charged with a federal crime. A conviction can carry serious consequences, including lengthy prison terms and hefty fines. Some criminal offenses also carry capital punishment, so it’s critical to work with a Yonkers federal defense attorney.

The Law Offices of Samuel Gregory P.C. is an established Yonkers law firm with extensive experience helping clients with Federal criminal issues. Their attorneys are verified by Lead Counsel, an independent organization that independently examines the qualifications of Yonkers Federal Criminal law attorneys. This process involves rigorous qualification requirements, including an impeccable disciplinary history.

Law firms in Yonkers

Law firms in Yonkers provide a range of legal services to local residents. They can draft important paperwork, represent clients in court, and more. Some firms specialize in one or two areas, such as bankruptcy and real estate. Others provide a range of services. You can find more information about Yonkers law firms by browsing their profiles online.

If you’re looking for a Yonkers attorney, Goldberg & Lindenberg, P.C. is a well-known firm with a long history of service. This firm handles a variety of legal issues, including bankruptcy, real estate disputes, and personal injury. Its partner, Peter T. Nguyen, has experience handling bankruptcy and divorce cases. He’s also a member of the Bronx Bar Association.